Online proofing software system for teams

GoProof helps marketing and creative teams easily review their creative work together, wherever they are.
Designed for Adobe Creative Cloud
"Our office split and we have proofing staff that relocated to a different building. We had relied on paper proofing but with the move, that no longer made it an option. It has enabled us to send proofs to staff anywhere, and with more precision in markups and functionality.”

“It’s easy to upload and share with team members. I love the integration app for all the different Adobe software I use and how easy it is to create new notes and share them with the whole team or with specific team members.”

“Working in the healthcare field, we often have many internal clients. This way of proofing is easy and effective.”


One proofing system for all media reviews

GoProof is the online home for your team to collaborate and inspire each other to produce incredible creative projects

So many of us are working in remote or separate locations right now and GoProof is the way to unite your colleagues and keep spirits high.

Creatives share their content using an intake file uploader or the Adobe Creative Cloud extension.

Collaborators access proofs through the web to look at content, make comments and annotations, view new versions, sign work off and bring the best ideas and campaign execution out of each other.

Review, revise and approve. Together. From anywhere.

What You Can Do With GoProof

Put work where everyone can get to it at the same time

It’s a central place for all content to be shared, reviewed and final versions approved as one powerful, collaborative team

Cut out email trails and PDF swapping

Everyone adds comments, talks to each other and gives approval on one shared browser-based proof, not their own copy of a PDF

Simplify and speed up the approval process

Our streamlined workflows are designed to make reviewing work up to 50% faster and easier, fuelling better creativity

Easily manage your marketing content

The neat Proof Dashboard with deadlines and reminders makes content so much easier to find and manage

Approve all types of media files together

You can use GoProof to review Adobe Creative Cloud files, PDFs, JPGs, MP4 videos and more in one combined system

Send as many times to as many people as you want

There’s no limit in GoProof on content storage, how many proofs you send or the number of people you invite to reviews

Proof From Our Community

Thousands of companies use GoProof to approve their creative work from multi-industry brands through to creative agencies and public sector organisations.

“It’s seamless. We’re so happy with it!”
"I can’t believe we even did it that way after using GoProof!”
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