Oppolis ecosystem app for Slack reduces the GoProof reliance on email notifications

New app for Slack reduces the GoProof reliance on email

The new Oppolis & GoProof app for Slack and additional single sign-on (SSO) authentication with Google makes creative collaboration workflows slicker than ever.

Our direct app integration for Slack is available to install right now. 

The login process includes single sign-on (SSO) authentication, so while we were at it, we also took the opportunity to launch an SSO option for Google account holders, so you can now log in with Google instead of your email and password if you prefer to.

The Oppolis app for Slack is designed to make sharing and collaborating on creative work way more convenient for everyone. 

With the app installed, proof owners in GoProof can instantly notify team members and stakeholders about important updates on proofing activity by dropping them directly into their Slack channels.

In today’s working environment, this is where the majority of workers spend the majority of their time and always think to check first, ahead of email.

So now the reliance on using email as the primary notification tool is reduced and proof owners can increase their collaborative engagement by sharing important updates exactly where collaborators want to receive them.

No-one misses a beat. 

Creative work management gets faster and smoother.

So how does the app work and what does it do?

Oppolis GoProof app for Slack

You’ll find the Oppolis app for Slack in the Slack App Directory and you can also easily access it from within Slack itself. 

Just go to the sidebar on the left and select Apps and then + Add apps and search for Oppolis.

The GoProof app for Slack reduces the reliance on email

On top of that, we’ve packaged it up and made it as simple as possible for you to install the app and get started using our SSO login option.

To do this, go to the GoProof login page and you’ll see a new-look Oppolis ecosystem login. This is your GoProof login portal from now onwards.

There are options at the top for logging in with Slack and Google and underneath there’s still the option to log in with email too.

Click Log in with Slack and you’ll be prompted to use your Slack credentials and choose which Slack channel you wish to connect with Oppolis and GoProof.

Once you’ve submitted your details, it’s done.

The GoProof app will now appear in Slack and be ready to receive channel notifications.

The app flows five types of creative progress into Slack channels.

New proofs - See a creative visual preview of the image, file or first page of a multi-page document with a direct link to view it in GoProof.

Comments - See new comments as they are made and use the Reply button to submit a quick on-the-fly reply if there’s not enough time to dive into the proof.

Replies - See new comment replies made by other collaborators, so you can respond to feedback quickly.

Questions - Easily answer questions about the proof directed personally to you.

@mentions - Engage with any comments that you have been directly mentioned in.

Get notified and search proofs from inside Slack

These core alerts will transform the way you engage and interact with creative throughout the review and approval process. 

And we have plans to introduce many more.

Slack has a built-in command function too, which we are using to give quick access to the proof list. 

Simply type /gp to reveal the list of proofs and pick which one you want to collaborate on.

Google SSO

No-one wants to leave Google out in the cold, do they?

We’ve introduced single sign-on for Google accounts in the latest release too. 

This means even if you don’t use Slack or Teams, you can still Log in with Google and connect your Google account to GoProof and the Oppolis ecosystem for unified sign-in.


PS Spoiler alert… Microsoft Teams integration is coming very soon!


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