Meet the Oppolis team

Get to know some of the key members of the incredible Oppolis management team and put faces to their names.

Oppolis is proud to have a diverse range of employees and contract partners worldwide to service our customers, including in the US and the Philippines.

Jon Simcox
Managing Director

Jon began his career in the 1980s as a programmer within the computer games industry. He progressed from there into the publishing sector, where he spent 13 years before launching Oppolis with Directors Mike James and Tom Flynn.

Jon’s experience and extensive understanding of the publishing industry, combined with his knowledge of the latest technologies, has driven the success of Oppolis.


Mike James
Technical Director

Mike has over 20 years’ experience as a software and systems developer and leads the Oppolis development team. He’s worked on numerous systems, including the original QPS – the forerunner of all editorial systems.

Mike has been developing plug-ins and extensions for Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress for the last 18 years, encompassing both system architecture and client-side applications. More recently, Mike has been involved in designing and developing mobile applications for Android and iOS.


Tom Flynn
Services Director

As Services Director, Tom oversees the support, training and installation departments at Oppolis and is the first point of contact for all our clients. Tom has over 16 years’ experience as a publishing workflow expert gained from working in high-profile print and digital publishing companies.

Taking a hands-on approach, Tom ensures our clients receive the best possible customer experience and return on investment.

Tracey Schokman
Sales Director

Tracey has over 20 years worth of experience working within SaaS environments where she creates a culture of excellence through a customer focused approach, alongside protecting and supporting business growth.

An inspirational leader with a core belief that success comes from coaching, mentoring and empowerment for individuals,Tracey has a compelling communication style, with a passion for building impactful relationships with customers, partners and internal teams.  


Fran Tompkins
Sales Manager

Fran’s worked in the sales and marketing industry for over 20 years and has a passion for discovering opportunities and supporting business growth.

During her career, Fran has worked with leading brands and creative agencies and now utilises this invaluable experience to research and nurture the Oppolis pipeline.


Steve Campbell
Design & Website Manager

Steve has worked within the design industry for more than 20 years, including time spent within the publishing and automotive sectors, he has created campaigns for a broad range of clients.

He has self-published two design publications and had his design work showcased in various design journals, magazines and blogs.


Alan Edwards
Support Manager

Having worked for over 10 years in customer service and support for one of the world’s largest digital imaging and printing manufacturers, Alan acquired great experience in ensuring customer’s problems are resolved promptly and adeptly.

During this time, Alan has also achieved certification in software testing, cloud computing and application utilisation.


Aileen Chatwin
Support Engineer

Aileen graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Economics and has been working with customers since 2003. She also worked in Retail Banking and later found her calling in Software Testing. Aileen is a certified tester and finds satisfaction in helping improve the system. Having a good chat with the clients helps her understand their needs and incorporates their feedback when testing.

In her free time, you will see her out and about for a leisurely walk with her family or at home, in her pyjamas all day, watching movies and eating junk food.


Noel Griffiths
Software Developer

Company legend Noel has been with Oppolis Software for 15+ years and works closely with Mike on all major development projects including The Guardian and John Brown Media.

He previously worked freelance for a huge list of high-profile clients including BT, Polygram and Lucas Aerospace. Noel loves a trip away with the family and being a dad… his greatest achievement.

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