Unrivalled support for every Oppolis Software customer

Unrivalled support for every Oppolis Software customer

Ongoing support and aftercare is paramount and central to the Oppolis Software ecosystem; and this is regardless of whether a customers purchases a single app such as GoVersion, or a full suite of products such as Oppolis Cloud, GoProof and GoPublish; the level of support we offer is always the same.

We have never considered that purchasing one of our products ends the journey with our client, but more that it is the first step in a collaboration, and we will be on hand to ensure our software continues to deliver on every level as our client's needs evolve and change over time.

This is highlighted with the wealth of long-term partners that we retain. Some working relationships have endured for more than a decade. An example of which is the multi-national, content media agency, John Brown Media, who have been utilising GoPublish to manage their document workflow since 2005

To keep our clients and customers up-to-date with all the latest product developments and feature updates at Oppolis, we manage a range of channels to ensure every customer is catered for.

“The customer service, quality of the product and experience, and value to our business is all fantastic. ”
Jennifer DeRome, UserTesting

The Oppolis blog is the first port of call for anyone looking to access software updates, new product releases or feature breakdowns. On this area of our website, visitors can search through 120+ posts dating back several years, and covering a range of topic: oppolis.com/blog.

Help sheets
As our product offering expanded, we felt the need to provide a standalone support website, support.oppoliscloud.com is now home to all our software help sheets. Customers and users are able to browse help sheets for specific products such as GoProof, GoPublish, GoCopy and GoVersion.

Information on basic software installation, to more in depth breakdown of our software functionality is all detailed in easy-to-read posts. For example, if a user requires details about how to install the GoProof app for Adobe Creative Cloud, they can access the help sheet here: installing-the-adobe-cc-extension and if they are looking for a walkthrough on how to edit a story within InCopy, they can access that article here: editing-a-story-in-incopy 

Helps sheets are added and updated on a regular basis to ensure our customers will always have access to the most-up to-date information.

Free eBooks
We have produced a library of free-to-download eBooks that offer more insight into the use of the Oppolis Ecosystem and creative workflows in general. These eBooks cover subjects such as What is online proofing?’, What is creative collaboration?’ and ‘Taking creative collaboration to the next level’ and can be accessed with the need to provide personal details or signing up to marketing promotion

Browse the library and downloaded your copies, here: free-online-proofing-creative-collaboration-ebooks

“For the past ten years we've been using GoPublish for reviewing, repro and production management. Not only is the software exceptional value for money - providing savings with resources and a streamlined workflow - the support we receive is always first rate. ”
Barry Davidson, John Brown Media

For punchy insights into using GoProof we’ve gathered a series of fast-track videos together, which can be viewed here: Oppolis videos. This is on top of the 80+ videos available to view via our Youtube channel: Oppolis Youtube and Vimeo page: Oppolis Vimeo. 

From time to time we host webinars that dive deeper into the function and features of Oppolis Ecosystem software. Anyone and everyone are free to sign up to attend but, if for some reason, you are not able to attend, webinars are recorded and uploaded for users to watch at leisure. Details of any future webinars and recording of past events can be viewed here: Oppolis webinars. 

Oppolis Software Social networks

Social Media
It's good to be social, and at Oppolis we maintain a range of social network channels that provide regular updates. Follow, like or subscribe to our twitter, facebook, instagram, linkedIn, YouTube and Vimeo pages to keep yourself up-to-date.


Get in touch via one of the channels listed above if you have any questions regarding Oppolis or any app or plugin within the Oppolis Ecostsystem, or simply drop us an email here: Contact us.

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