GoProof enhancements for GDPR

GoProof enhancements for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Data protection is changing.

And this is a big change.

On May 25th, the new regulation around personal data protection becomes fully enforceable in the European Union.

It’s called the General Data Protection Regulation - or GDPR for short - and is a significant modernisation of the previous Data Protection Act created in 1998.

Yep, it sounds really boring doesn’t it.

Seriously though, it’s great for you, as it means you get full visibility and control of your personal data usage.

We’re right behind this, and have added some neat new features to GoProof to put your minds at ease on data security and empower collaboration without hangups.



Log in to GoProof as either a Publisher, Admin or regular collaborator and you’ll see a new option in the top right menu called MY DATA.

This takes you to a brand new dashboard where you can manage all your personal data and marketing preferences.

Here you can:

  • Request to export or delete all your personal detail
  • Request to export or delete all your proofing content
  • Dive deep to see all your proofing content
  • Request deactivation of your account

The MY DATA dashboard is a clear and simple way to constantly keep track of your personal data footprint inside GoProof.

And if you want to take any action like exporting or deleting data, you hit the request button and your Admin user gets an immediate email to get on and do it.


There’s a second new option in the top right menu just for Admins and it’s called USER DATA.

Here, Admins carry out all the personal data actions requested by GoProof users, along with any actions that are necessary for them to do.

Admins use this dashboard to filter on the correct contact from the database and carry out the specific request.

This could be exporting data into a CSV file with all proofing content listed and then emailing back to the user, or simply deleting their account altogether.

If a user is deleted, all proofing content will be anonymised and made unrestorable.

Here’s an example timeline:

  • User makes comments on a proof
  • Then requests deletion of their proofing content
  • Admin carries out the deletion
  • Their name is replaced by Previous Collaborator
  • Their comments are replaced by Comment no longer available

Just as an FYI - it’s important to be aware that we cannot restore data once it has been deleted. So make sure you totally want to do it!


Ensuring personal data security is a massive focus for us and we hope you enjoy the new functionality.

Check out our new Privacy Policy for the full lowdown and please email any thoughts and feedback to our Privacy Team.


Happy proofing

The GoProof Team


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