7 steps to successful online proofing

7 steps to successful online proofing

The power of 7

In our 7 Steps to Successful Online Proofing ebook we help you get a handle on the key stages or milestones that should be in every proofing workflow.

These 7 steps form the accurate combination that unlocks the door to amplified return on investment in an online proofing software system.

We appreciate the application can be (and sometimes need to be) flexed to fit comfortably in tailored workflows. These for example could be dependent on the roles and responsibilities or your collaborators or the software that your creative team is using.

Stick to these yardsticks in principle however, and you won’t go far wrong within any creative journey.

Why Adobe Creative Cloud integration is important

Ideation to creation to collaboration.The way the majority of the creative world produces the tangible creative graphic designs, digital media and mobile apps is through one of the Adobe Creative Cloud products such as InDesign or Photoshop.

It’s where the magic happens and where creatives should spend the majority of their time. What they don’t want to be doing here is doing thankless admin tasks.

That’s why integration with Adobe is so crucial to an online proofing workflow as it releases huge extra payback in time and cost savings.Our ebook reveals how this works.

Get set for success

Our 7 Steps ebook is a must-read for all creatives and marketing professionals. After reading this, the whole concept will click into place.

You’ll soon grasp the ways you could transform your own operation into a lean, expressive and collaborative world inspired by all of your colleagues and stakeholders.

Jump in and get set to boost the health of your creative team.

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