7 top tips for proofing sustainably from home

7 top tips for proofing sustainably from home

Learn how to ace your creative reviews from home

Our 7 Top Tips for Proofing Sustainably from Home ebook highlights gains for creative and marketing teams in two areas that are significantly evolving our working lives this year: home or remote-based working and the impact our traditional business habits are having on the environment.

These critical issues are so prevalent right now and online proofing software wades in with a bunch of ways to reduce both the difficulty in proofing from home and the carbon footprint we create.

It’s a simple-to-follow overview of the key features and workflow processes that can make a massive difference to your business, reducing stress levels and exemplifying how everyday tasks in the creative approval journey can be cleaned up and future proofed.

You won’t look back after reading this!

Printing, collaborating, kitchen tables

The days are almost unrecognisable for a ton of teams sharing creative proofs around from home for the first time.

There are some challenges. But the wins from online proofing software outweigh them and make the whole experience enjoyable and collaborative.

Our ebook explains the way it does this and how you can easily adapt your working area and routine for the better.

Carbon footprint reduction

As Greta Thunberg will consistently and brilliantly tell you, everybody has a part to play in saving the planet.

The really big changes will come down to top-level decision making but we can all contribute with the marginal steps to giving our future generations a chance to enjoy Earth as we do.

After reading this ebook, you’ll earn a few little tips to take that walk and make a collective leap in the right direction.

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