Why GoProof is way more than Adobe InDesign share for review

Why GoProof is way more than Adobe InDesign share for review

Understand and compare differences

Since Adobe released their Share for Review feature in the InDesign Creative Cloud app, we often get asked what it does and if it’s suitable for proofing work.

In this free ebook Why GoProof is Way More than Adobe InDesign Share for Review we explore its purpose and how it compares to GoProof in the context of proofing workflows and business processes.

After reading this ebook you’ll find out that it’s pretty clear who this feature has been targeted at – and why.

Download it today and get all the knowledge you need.

Key features and functions

We’ve been working on Adobe InDesign integrations for over 20 years, leading the way on publishing workflows.

More recently, since the introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud, we’ve reinvented the proofing journey by integrating the review process into many of the Adobe Creaive Cloud apps and creating open access through web browsers.

This is our specialty and we can easily and impartially lay out what the core features are in both the GoProof Adobe ecosystem and the simple Share for Review option in InDesign.

Ideal for business teams and Adobe Creative Cloud users

Once you’ve read the ebook you’ll know exactly what is right for you or your business.

We draw conclusions on when to apply them and what the limitations and caveats are in classic situations.

You’ll be well informed and can easily choose what you need.

And if you’d rather talk to us about it, you can reach out at any time. We’d love to hear from you.

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