7 Ways to transform your creative approval process

7 Ways to transform your creative approval process

Unlock the secrets to approving amazing creative work

Getting approval on design projects is a total drag. In this free eBook we’ll give you seven secrets to getting that all important sign-off faster and easier, so you can get home on time every night and feel great about your day.

GoProof is a free Adobe Creative Cloud add-on.

Who should read this design workflow eBook?

Anyone who has a role within the creative design process will benefit from reading this creative design ebook, as there’s something in here for all types of creatives and stakeholders.

Learn how to make mundane processes like file sharing, version management and collaborator engagement simpler than ever using clever automation based on triggers and milestones.

Why this eBook is so important

Once you’ve read this, your design approval workflow will never be the same again.

No more chicken scratch paper in folders being passed around the office. All those phone calls to engage collaborators can be stopped right now.

Collaboration is key and this ebook makes it a cinch to understand and help transform your proofing and creative workflow.

Get reading.

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